Celebrating the Winter Solstice

By Jenny Leslie

During the winter last year, in lock down, I got very interested in eco leaf printing on paper. Somehow the definition seemed clearer on paper than on fabric.  As I gazed at one of them, I felt that I could see a shape arising.

This shape felt very evocative of the time of year, approaching mid winter, it was the moon.

Leaf Print and Moon

I enhanced the moon shapes with a natural bleach in the next prints. I am fascinated by the moon and also birds so it seemed natural to print some birds flying towards the moon.

Leaf Print – Returning Home

By then it was almost the winter solstice, the shortest day, which marks the slow beginning of the returning light. I like to think that the birds flying upwards towards the moon, the light signifies that although it is very dark the light will return.

Leaf Print – Returning Home

 This is this years print.

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