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This will be my final report from the 2021 K&S Show as it is now three weeks since we returned from Harrogate and only one week until Christmas.

Whilst there I had, once again, a lovely time and although there were fewer visitors, everyone I met was enthusiastic about stitching in all its many and various forms.

Maria Thomas is a quilter and her gallery was called  Relative.  Based around the role she feels she has amongst her family, she uses found papers from cookbooks, notes, food  wrappers and packaging as backing papers, many of which remain exposed, on her patchworked quilts and jackets.

Every time I visited the stand, Maria was surrounded by interested visitors, so if you have been inspired to find out more about her work, look at

Behind Maria’s stand was a very different artist, Kate Wells.  Her retrospective exhibition was called Dip your Mind in Gold.  The image above, Field of Gold, shows flowers and grasses in a field, with a sky of blue and gold spirals.  This large piece was produced by Kate on a Singer ‘Irish’ Industrial sewing machine using metallic thread on dissolvable fabric.

These two images are details from the piece which gives the stand its title and if you find yourself drawn to her work, you can search the web for

I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and an inspiring 2022.

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