Knitting & Stitching Show

Whilst in Harrogate for the K&S Show, I was able to spend some time each day perusing the stands in the Textile Gallery.

Hannah Lamb’s stand showcased the pieces she’d undertaken over the last eighteen months but the exhibit which interested me most was called (De)Constructed Cloth and was made by Hannah as part of an exhibition by the 62 Group entitled Construct at Sunny Bank Mills

I took this photo standing at the foot of the work and walked alongside the piece, towards the wall, taking more pictures as I went 

Hannah displayed the cloth by laying it over rollers to depict the rise and fall of the textile industry in West Yorkshire. A sheet of glass was placed beneath one section so that both the face and reverse could be seen.

She printed and used devoré techniques on both sides of the cloth, stitching and removing threads to enhance the surface and occasionally adding a line of red running stitch across the piece which referenced the marks in the Mill’s pattern books.

You can see a video of this piece on Hannah’s website and also images from the 62 Group exhibition Construct at

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