Yvonne Remembered

Last weekend I spent three days helping on the Embroiderers’ Guild stand at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate.  This was an ideal opportunity for the Guild to showcase the entries for the Members’ Challenge 2021 – Exquisite Containers.

Anthea Godfrey (Artistic Director of the E.G.) had some examples of exquisite containers from her own collection to show and I was delighted to see this piece amongst them.

It was made by Yvonne Pedretti for the EAST 1999 exhibition Tales of Another Place.  We had been invited to take this exhibition to the K.&S. Shows in London and Harrogate that year and several of us, including Yvonne, travelled to Harrogate to present our work there. This was the first time EAST had exhibited at the K.&S. Show. It was all very exciting and we had a great, although tiring, weekend.

Sadly Yvonne died a couple of years later leaving us with precious memories of the short time she had been an EASTie.

Yvonne stewarding at Harrogate K&S show in 2004. The exhibition was Spirit of Cloth EAST’s second invitation to the show

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