What a Relief!!

by Libby Smith

Whilst in Devon on holiday this year I visited the historic fishing village of Appledore on the north Devon coast and came across this wonderful wall sculpture/terracotta relief panel called “The Boatman” by Architectural Ceramicist Maggie Curtis on the side of a row of cottages.  I have seen an image of the panel that shows the wall had previously been a dark pink but I think the panel looks much better against this pale blue.  The panel is on the end wall of a row of cottages in Irsha Street and apparently Maggie lives nearby.  On Maggie’s website I saw an article about her that had been in The Magazine of the Devonshire Association Spring 2020.  Well worth a visit to Appledore and there is a lovely cafe there as well.

“The Boatman” by Maggie Curtis

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