“Art is about Transformation”

Although the EAST Transformation exhibition has come to an end at Hyde Hall it will be back next year, 2022, at Braintree District Museum.  In the meantime we have a few more photo selections from the collection of over 400 images taken by Charlie of farliephotography.co.uk.  If you have any favourites from those shown in the “Art is about Transformation” series of blog posts, let us know.

This week the 3 images have been selected by Vinny Stapley and her choice is based on the following:

‘Light reflects off of objects and enters the eye where it is channelled to the retina and perceived as colours and shapes.  Art has played with these perceptions over time, challenging viewers with what they see and understand from each piece.’  

I have chosen three of the images taken by Charlie which demonstrate the alchemy that is light within the work of East artists Julie Topsfield, Trisha North and Kay Mullenger. 

Julie Topsfield
Tricia North
Kay Mullenger

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