“Art is about Transformation”

Each week up until and during the exhibition at Hyde Hall (9th to 17th October 2021) different members of EAST will choose 3 photographs of other members’ work from the collection of over 400 images taken by Charlie of farliephotography.co.uk.

This week the 3 images have been selected by Janette Bright and the chosen images are from the work of EAST artists Lynda Monk, Vinny Stapley and Julie Topsfield.   

“I chose all works mainly because of the appeal of the different textures but also because they are very different.  Lynda’s is very hard and industrial looking which contrasts with Vinny’s very delicate natural piece.  Then Julie’s piece is different again – a mixture of hard and soft, shapes and forms.  I also liked Lynda’s and Vinny’s because of their use of names/words – it is something that I often do in my own pieces.  I also chose the images for their contrasting colours – Lynda’s use of rusty colours, Vinny’s very delicate purples with white, then Julie’s vibrant yellow.  All very different.”

Lynda Monk
Vinny Stapley
Julie Topsfield

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