What a difference a day makes…..

…well, the weather anyway from day to day.

Still Caustic Soda Rust Dyeing with wet strength tissue paper and I had forgotten how the weather has an effect on the outcome.

This was dyed on a hot and sunny day.

Next day, damp and dull and this was the result.

Not as nice as the ‘sunny’ one but still useable, bonded to Decovil II and coated with Acrylic Wax  – what’s not to like?

And I have made a start on using the samples rather than just hoarding them as I do.

I made these Plague Doctor Masks from a couple of my favourite pieces from the last batch, bonded to Decovil II and coated with ArtVanGo’s Acrylic Wax – which is where incidentally that I purchased the Ferrous Sulphate in its purest form from – works out more economical than the moss killer from the garden centre.

The Acrylic Wax renders the surface waterproof and will hopefully prevent it from deteriorating.

And I have been bonding the coloured tissue paper on to a linen fabric for yet another jacket. Not quite finished, have run out of buttons to cover.

Totally waterproof thanks to the wax and fully lined so very wearable – if you are a size 10 of course!

Looks and feels like leather.

With waxed buttons to match.

Still to come: jacket in caustic soda rust dyed cotton velvet along with bags and book covers.

And I still haven’t finished with this technique yet! The method involves dipping the fabric/paper in three separate baths, only problem is it doesn’t take long for them to be contaminated. So with the latest batch I soaked the paper in tea but then brushed, dipped and splodged the other two liquids on the surface.

Looks quite good and at least you have a degree of control over the pattern markings.

I shall be showing all these finished items and samples at the ICHF show in Exeter from September 23 – 26th.

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