‘Transformation’ Exhibition – Sketchbook

The Research behind the work

This week we feature the sketchbook behind the work of Vinny Stapley.

Vinny’s sketchbook process is driven by sketching expressively en plein-air.  She creates fast expressive drawings of the Flora of the intertidal zone on drawing expeditions she calls her ‘Salt-Marsh Safaris’.  Sea Purslane is a particular favourite and a recurring motif within her work …

“Though seemingly an insignificant ground cover plant, I love the way it changes colour from season to season, with delicate yet strong leaves that bear the brunt of the incursions of the sea and fun bobbly flower bracts in the summer.  It carpets the salt marshes adding blue/green/grey hues that seem to change the colour of the landscape with different lighting conditions.”

See video below.

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