Chain Mail by Libby Smith

Watching Lynda’s (Monk) very inspiring video on the Postman’s Park Memorial Garden in London (which featured on this blog just over 2 weeks ago) put me in mind of some work I did a few years ago on the theme of writing letters.  At the time I was interested in the different ways of getting words onto fabric which led me to a workshop by Rosalind Wyatt who not only works in textiles and mixed media but who has also studied calligraphy and bookbinding.  Her approach was to look at styles of handwriting and writing systems from different cultures of the world, including the Far East.  She uses a combination of chain stitch and couching to form the characters. 

Below are some of the pieces I have done since that time.

This is a poem I stitched onto a double layer of silk organza using a single thread of grey silk.

Detail image – I varied the thread colour using light and dark grey.

Ink blots printed onto fabric.

Making fabric envelopes wth the messages/contents on the outside.

Mixed messages – instructions, a poem, snippets of information.

An envelope made from organza containing a picture of the house to where it should be delivered.

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