Love Life

“To Love Life” is one of David Hockney’s favourite sayings. His stunning studies in his current exhibition, “The arrival of Spring, Normandy, 2020” surely reflects this. Due to COVID restrictions I have only been able to view this virtually but even so the magnificence of the work jumps out from the screen. What a delight and I heartly recommend the RA tour.

In these times when so much has been restricted or even forbidden, we perhaps are more aware and even more appreciative of nature’s beauty and wonders within our own environment. Spring and summer are ideal seasons to explore the perfection of nature’s palette. I have long ago understood that there is never imperfection in this source and we do not go wrong if we remember this.

Here from our garden in Israel are two amazing examples, both reminiscent of my childhood in Australia when these trees also thrived in the similar natural habitat.

Flame Bottle tree
Frangipani tree

For now, I cannot travel far but I can certainly remember to open my eyes wide and look upward.


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