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A cold, wet and miserable day here in Lincolnshire so I decided to start a long overdue sort out in my workroom.

One hour later and I have gathered together some ‘must have’ bits. All new, unused, original packaging – and there are more, lots more!!!

Admittedly, although it is no excuse, some of them are several years old.

Is it just me or does everyone have a collection such as this?

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Janette Bright says November 15, 2020

Definitely I have a similar collection – including an unused Fabric-Cut cutter!

Susan Canfield says November 15, 2020

Isn’t it always the way, Lynda, that someone else’s collection looks far more interesting than one’s own!

Melinda Berkovitz says November 15, 2020

I think you have to be a “magpie” to enjoy textile work.
Who every buys only the things they know they need or are going to use immediately!
It’s a matter of you just never know when you will need that something or other. If you could only find the instructions……

Felicity Borwick says November 18, 2020

I can really relate to this too Lynda. My stashes have less, still packaged up things, but there are plenty of long lost things to rediscover…
It also reminds me of the joy of going into a stationers, haberdashery or ironmongers shop (in the old days…) observing the collections and order of the packaged collections .

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