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Archive Monthly Archives: November 2020

Sad slippers

Whilst I’ve been stitching this pair of slippers it occurred to me how much use my own slippers have had since the end of March. Unlike this pair mine are beginning to look a little worse for wear.

This image is part of my design which illustrates the F. Scot Fitzgerald short story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button first published in 1922. ‘

Marking the Journey

Finally I am making progress with my new work for our Transformation exhibition due to open in 2021.

A fantastic winter’s walk along the beach adjacent to my daughter’s house provided me with even more source material.

I love the process of photographic recording to reinforce the meaning behind my work

Sand prints are playing a big part in this next body of work.


A brief glimpse at The Prize

EAST are really lucky to have as our mentor Anthea Godfrey. Here she is speaking to Hand & Lock’s Communication Manager, Robert McCaffrey about The Prize 2020 on her involvement as a judge for their annual competition and why it is important to get the brief right.


For more information visit Hand & Lock’s Prize page.

Making sense of scent

This week is Being Human Festival week and tonight I attended an online talk about the sense of smell. We had to have some items on hand for some at home experiments (see above). This event showed what a complex sense smell is – one which is really only appreciated if we lose it. As textile artists we often think about sight, touch, sound (the rustle of silk perhaps?) but how often do we think about the way different fabrics smell? Apparently smell training can not only improve your sense of smell but also general cognition so improving our ability to smell might help us think better.

Chinese Thread Books

Chinese Thread Books or Zhen Xian Bao is a traditional folk art practised by women in remote areas of south west China. They are books made of folded paper used to store embroidery threads and other small items. Ruth Smith travelled to China to research this tradition and has written books on the subject she calls them ‘Folded Secrets’


A cold, wet and miserable day here in Lincolnshire so I decided to start a long overdue sort out in my workroom.

One hour later and I have gathered together some ‘must have’ bits. All new, unused, original packaging – and there are more, lots more!!!

Admittedly, although it is no excuse, some of them are several years old.

Is it just me or does everyone have a collection such as this?

Last daisy of Autumn

Lone Daisy in Priory Park Southend – Tricia