Arty Day Out in Suffolk

As July is my birthday month I thought I would try to do a blog post for each week – so here goes with my final birthday post.

This Sunday three ladies (Lorna, Carol and myself) in a car set off for Snape Maltings, Pond Gallery, to see the textile exhibition by Anglia Textile Works called Sentinels.  This group includes textile artists Fay Allwood, Yvonne Brown, Niki Chandler, Kathy Colledge, Sara Impey, Chrissy Leech, Annette Morgan and Cherry Vernon-Harcourt.  Each artist had interpreted the title of the exhibition in their own particular way and most of the works take the form of panels.  Below are a few pictures of some of the work.  The exhibition continues until Wednesday 26th July.

The photo below shows work by Fay Allowed and Sara Impey.

The photo below shows a detail from the work of Kathy Colledge.
Part two of our day out, after a delicious lunch of course, was to drive onto the Suffolk Craft Society exhibition at the Peter Pears Gallery in Aldeburgh.  However, before we climbed the metal staircase up to the gallery, I noticed another gallery had opened on the ground level underneath the Peter Pears and to my delight I saw that the work being exhibited was by Sara Johnson, a watercolour artist.  I noticed Sara’s work when EAST was exhibiting at the Pond Gallery in Snape – Sara’s work was being shown in the Maltings Gallery.  At the particular moment we spotted the gallery the heavens opened so we rushed in to look at Sara’s work which is so subtle and just enough to indicate watery landscapes and straw coloured fields and shadowy shapes in the distance.  The additional bonus was that Sara was actually there and we had a lovely chat with her, discovering that she is giving a few experimental, technique based workshops at the Watershed in St. Osyths – feeling very tempted.  On top of this she lives in Bungay and knows Jo Budd, another textile artist I much admire and with whom I am doing a workshop in September, making me feel even more tempted to book Sara’s workshop at the Watershed.  However, it was Carol who gave into temptation by buying one of Sara’s small pieces.

This picture by Sara is one of my favourites that I saw when visiting the Maltings Gallery.

It was still raining when we emerged from the ground floor gallery so we dashed up the staircase to the Peter Pears to see the Suffolk Craft Society exhibition which is held here every year.  It is always good to see all sorts of crafts from amazing woodwork to weaving, glasswork, ceramics and the stand out pieces for me were some wonderful metal work pieces by Zoe Ruben.  She works at her East Anglia studio with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, both cast welded and etched to produce intriguing sculptures.  I found the best place to look up her work and to view images is on Pinterest.

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