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Who are EAST?

East Anglian Stitch Textiles (EAST) was formed in 1995 in response to a demand for a self-supporting framework for local artists in the southern half of East Anglia.

Exhibition news


Before presenting this exciting body of work in 2021, each artist provided a short introduction and preview images to whet your appetite.....

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Workshops that Inspire
by Libby Smith One of the workshops in which I took part in 2021 was “Mapping a Sense of Place” [...]
Celebrating the Winter Solstice
By Jenny Leslie During the winter last year, in lock down, I got very interested in eco leaf printing on[...]
A quarter of a century – and then some
Carol with her book of thank yous In 1995, EAST was born and in 2020 we panned to celebrate our[...]
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