Warner project

What is the Warner Project?




EAST Anglian Stitch Textiles (EAST) have produced a body of work based on the Warner Textile Archive in Braintree, Essex, UK.


The Warner Textile Archive is a unique record of the history of textile design and manufacture, dating from the eighteenth century. The archive includes examples of all woven and printed fabrics produced by Warner, plus original artwork for the designs.


The archive is located at:

Warner's Mill,

Silks Way




Telephone (General Enquiries): 01376 557741


The archive is open to the general public - telephone for specific information on which days they are open (usually Wednesdays and the first Saturday of each month). Also ask about temporary exhibitions in their gallery space.


Telephone (Group Visits and Research): 01376 557803


This fascinating and vibrant exhibition was especially created for the Warner Textile Archive with a generous grant from Braintree Museum and District Trust.


IN ADDITION - At Braintree District Museum


The Threads of Time exhibit is another project by EAST which is on display at Braintree District Museum, Manor Street, Braintree, Essex. This exhibition was inspired by objects and other aspects of the museum, to mark the millennium in 2000.





How can I see the Warner Project?


This exhibition is now available for hire as a touring exhibition through Braintree Museum and District Trust:


EAST @ The Warner Textile Archive

The exhibition comprises of -


  • Sixteen roll-up free-standing printed banners - three introductory panels and one for each of the 13 artists. Each artist's panel illustrates and explains the inspirational source as well as the techniques involved in their work. There is no prescribed order of display, each piece is individual in its own right.
  • Thirteen pieces of original textile artwork - six pieces for wall hanging, four requiring flat display, 3 optional hanging or flat.
  • Thirteen sketch/notebooks for display flat or on bookstands (not provided).
  • A selection of postcards for sale, and a souvenir booklet can be provided on request.
  • Photographs of the work as previously displayed with setting up suggestions are provided along with templates for publicity.





There is no minimum period of hire, but transport costs must be born by the hirer; the maximum period of loan is three months. The hire of the exhibition is free but is subject to an administration fee.


Full conditions on application.


For further information and booking details please contact the Archive on 01376 557803 or email - charlotte.harding@braintree.gov.uk.