Tricia North


Tricia, originally from Doncaster and now living in Essex. After studying textiles she now spends her time teaching, but is also involved in community projects and doing her own work. Tricia is a regular exhibitor at the Leigh Art Trail. Tricia was invited to join EAST in 2010.


"I am inspired by my dad’s shed. All the stuff laying around, the smells, the textures and most importantly stories that went with the vast array of forgotten objects that were in the rusty old tins.


This has translated itself into my work. At the moment I am looking at connections and fastenings, playing with the combinations of texture, metal against cloth, against stone, against wood, and how the use of stitch can change that feel.


I am also making a range I call “mantle pieces” that reflect the stories of found objects and remembered grandparents, hopefully echoing the feeling of the preciousness of family teatimes on a Sunday many years ago."


Looking at the impact of PTSD from WW1 on future generation, Tricia is exploring Epigenetic inheritance through sculptures using stitch, texture and light.



For The Power of Stitch


For The Power of Stitch Tricia is looking at the impact of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from WW1 on future generations by exploring epigenetic inheritance.


For this work Tricia will create sculptures using stitch, texture and light.




Tricia has her own website and blog at -




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