Margaret Talbot


Margaret was born in London and served in the police force in Chelmsford for several years before her marriage. She then moved to Dorset where she gained a City and Guilds Certificate (Parts one and two) in Creative Studies before going on to achieve a Diploma in Stitched Textiles at East Berkshire College, Windsor. She is a Licentiate of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and a Licentiate of City and Guilds of London Institute.


Since gaining a teaching certificate more than ten years ago, Margaret has been a full time textile artists and tutor, and she leads workshops and summer schools all over England. She exhibits extensibly at group shows and frequently writes articles for the Computer Textile Design Group magazine (Design IT), “Embroidery” magazine, the New Embroidery Group newsletter, Workshop on the Web and “Cloth, Paper and Scissors”. Her work has appeared in “Stitch, Dissolve and Distort” by Valerie Campbell-Harding and Maggie Grey (2006), “From Image to Stitch” by Maggie Grey (2008) and “Raising the Surface” by Maggie Grey (2003).


Margaret is the author of two books. Her first, 'Medieval Flushwork of East Anglia' is a carefully illustrated little book published in 2004, detailing her researches into this hitherto little understood subject*. In 2018 a second book 'Contemporary Textured Surfaces in Fabric and Thread' was published. Her textile work is machine and hand stitched with the addition of mixed media, and is highly textured.


As well as a member of EAST, Margaret also belongs to the New Embroidery Group (NEG), Textile Expressions, Quilters Guild of Great Britain and the Embroiderer’s Guild. She has exhibited with EAST in all their exhibitions since 1997. As well as exhibiting with the NEG since 1996, Textile Expressions since 1995 and 4x4 since 2002, Margaret has exhibited individually or in a group at the following venues:


1994............... Knitting & Stitching Show (selected student at Alexandra Palace, London


1994............... The Guild Hall, Windsor


1995/6........... National Embroidery Championship at Ascot, Berkshire


1995............... Quilts UK (Trophy winner-fabric painting) at Malvern / Hever Castle


1997............... Manor House Museum at Bury St Edmund’s, Suffolk


1997............... ‘Flowers and Gardens’ at Ramster, Chiddingfold, Surrey


1999............... ‘Embroidery at Ramster’ & National Trust at Ramster, Chiddingfold, Surrey


1999............... Textile Art Group Suffolk at Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh, Suffolk


2000............... Computer Textile Design Group at Alexandra Palace & Lichfield


2002............... ‘Textiles in Focus’ at Cottenham, Cambridge



“I like my work to be embossed and have a timeworn appearance. The colours often rich, but subtle, are characteristic in large wall hangings and smaller pieces of textile art.


I am conscious of the need for progress and have a preoccupation with design and technique, and also with the expressive potential of the fabric surface. I experiment with new materials, using the sewing machine to produce a textured and embossed surface. This fabric can then be further embellished with hand stitching and mixed media.


Recent themes for my work have been inspired by holidays, Suffolk flushwork (flintstone patterns) and computer generated designs”.



For Power of Stitch


"I enjoy experimenting with textures and being surprised at what can be achieved by altering and manipulating the fabric. I am fascinated by rock formations which are a never-ending source of inspiration for tactile surfaces."






'Medieval Flushwork Of East Anglia And Its Symbolism'

ISBN: 0 946148 69 4

(paperback - 78 pages)


'Contemporary Textured Surfaces in Fabric and Thread' (2018)


For more information or details of how to purchase a copy of either of these publications contact Margaret direct at the following email address:



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