Lorna Rand


Lorna was born in Essex but for thirty-five years lived and worked in Devon. She joined the West Country Embroiderers and through their encouragement gained City and Guilds' qualifications before going on to study for the Certificate of Church Embroidery at Urchfont Manor with Jane Lemon, and the Opus Advanced Course in Experimental Textiles with Julia Caprara. She joined the South West Textile Group and was subsequently invited to join Prism, with whom she still exhibits. Following Lorna's return to live in Essex, she was invited to join EAST in 2005.


From an original focus on ecclesiastical and historical embroidery, Lorna's interests have now moved on to three-dimensional pieces and her recent work has been a set of kimono-style garments. Prior to this she made a set of hats inspired from a recent trip to Australia and New Zealand. The natural life of those countries fascinated Lorna and she made many sketches and took photographs which informed her final work. The more recent kimono-style garments have come about from a trip to Prague and an interest in graffiti - a real fusion of East and West.


'For Making a Point!, ‘Impressions of Prague’ continued my theme of the graffiti wall photographed whilst on a visit to Prague. The comparison of the beauty of old historic Prague with this modern take on art interested me. I am attempting to combine both the graffiti as a background with the beauty of the architecture - on twelve small ten inch square panels.'


My interest at present is combining mixed media with machine and hand stitch to produce a rich texture to my work.



For Between the Lines


The starting point for my work has been my own family history - how two families from what would have been opposite sides of the battle now come together in one family.



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