The Power of Stitch made Lorna think of the power of all the machinery and engines used today on the land and sea, and in the air.


A visit to the Science Museum set her thinking about shapes and spaces, both two- and three-dimensional.


Where to begin? A few photographs and sketches gave some ideas and working with computer designs printed fabric and stitches developed into a large body of interesting work.

Lorna Rand


Although an Essex girl at heart Lorna has spent much of her life elsewhere. She was evacuated to Derbyshire at a very young age, then in her early working life lived in Berkshire. For a while she came back to Essex before moving to Norfolk for a few years. Then for many years Lorna lived in Devon where she gained a lot of her knowledge of art and embroidery. She is now happily back in her home county of Essex.


Lorna is a life member of the Embroiderers' Guild and has been a member of East Anglian Stitch Textiles (E.A.S.T) since 2006. For many years Lorna has had a great curiosity regarding the development of embroidery. In particular she has been interested in how mixed media has been included in some work and how some consider this an artform.


Her own work has moved on from the original ideas of ecclesiastical and historical to looking back over her own life. New study of various artists and helpful instruction from some has given her a much broader outlook on life and age. It has added much more interest in the development of her own work as a textile artist.


The various exhibitions with E.A.S.T have encouraged her to look at her memories of travel and the ‘Between the Lines’ exhibition made a study of family history a must. This lead to her looking at what had gone on in her own life and how over the years everything has changed through various circumstances. The development of technology has given her a new window on the world of study and design.


Still very interested in the development of textile art and embroidery, Lorna is always looking for new ways to try things out for herself. She likes to discover different ways of making her work more interesting both for herself and for other people.






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