For Between the Lines


My grandfather's military service is the inspiration for my ww1 design source, from the time he enlisted to his retirement. He traveled the world, from the West Indies to South Africa and the north west frontier in India. This all changed in 1916 when he was sent to France and all of the horror that entailed. The two vastly different experiences from pre 1916 to post 1916 are the inspiration behind my new work. I will be using his service records as well as his personal photos as my starting point.




Julie Topsfield



Julie has lived in Essex all her life and some of her earliest memories are of being taught how to sew by her mother, who was employed by Norman Hartnell in his workrooms. She can recall using a sewing machine at the age of six hen the only way she could reach the treadle was to work the machine standing up. As Julie grew older her interest in needlecraft developed until it became something of an obsession and she attended many workshops before studying the City and Guilds qualifications. These included certificates in Pachwork and Quilting, Creative Studies and Passementerie, and the City and Guilds Teaching Certificate.


Since 1991, Julie has taught courses at the Southend Adult Community College in patchwork and quilting, passementerie, goldwork and, more recently, doll making. Her goldwork has won her a number of awards and she gives workshops all over the country. She was invited to join EAST in 2008.


Making a point – I have really enjoyed developing this theme further having used it in my previous body of work (Talking Textiles). I still had so much I wanted to explore and do that I just carried on from where I had left off. I seem to have gone off in lots of different directions with this latest work, from the development of birds in flight – to the structure of a single feather, and I have loved it all.



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