Felicity Borwick


Felicity was trained in textile design and her work reflects a deep affinity with fabrics, textural surfaces and pattern. Until recently she taught Art in schools as a specialist teacher and remains a committee member of the Association of Suffolk Art Teachers (ASAT). She is developing closer links with Suffolk schools and University Campus Suffolk and exhibits with ASAT around the county.


Felicity's work is inspired by her personal life experiences, as well as the people and things around her. She is fascinated with how the strands of people's lives become woven together by events. Through her Art Felicity responds to and processes the experiences of life. Working by exploration, reflection and experimentation she uses processes of changing, embellishing, distorting, deconstruction, layering and burning out of fabrics and other materials.


To find out more about Felicity visit her personal website, by clicking on her name.




For Power of Stitch Felicity is currently researching an idea that has been prompted by feelings of powerlessness, anger, distrust and the desire to protect historic land, listed buildings, wildlife and personal privacy, which have arisen when local plans and reason appear to have been overridden by human greed.


Money is power, freedom, a cushion, the root of all evil, the sum of blessings.” Carl Sandburg


The power of stitch has been a theme used by many artists from the past to the present day. Nineteenth century artists Lorina Bulwer, Elizabeth Parker and Agnes Richter dramatically stitched text to express their trauma and injustice.


Through creating her art work, Felicity intends to use her protest and the frustrating ordeal as a therapeutic process and to raise awareness of the current trend to allow unsympathetic developments to erode the English landscape.



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