Delia Pusey


Delia was born in London and apart from evacuation grew up in Essex. Her family had occupations that included loom fringe weaving, court dressmaking and millinery, so it is not surprising that sewing and dressmaking have been an integral part of her life.


Her own occupations and training after leaving school was as a florist in London’s West End, a skill that although learned many years ago has proven invaluable in recent years. Much later, after raising her own family, Delia worked as a studio technician in Secondary education, during this period she studied City and Guilds Embroidery parts I and 2 at The London College of Fashion, completing the course in 1991.


Subsequently Delia became a founder member of the Romford Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild and has exhibited with “N.E.G.”, “Textile Expressions”, “4x4” and “Embroidery at Ramster”. She was a member of EAST since 2005 until her death in 2015.


Delia’s work makes extensive use of hand made paper, machine stitching and mixed media to create highly textured surfaces.


"My current work is still based on the inspiration from Chinese culture. There are so many wonderful images to choose from - tranquil gardens with symbolic plants and flowers, towers and temples with intricate roof shapes, mountains and landscapes receeding into the mists. This work aims to bring these symbols and images together based on tiled walls found in temples and gardens." Delia speaking in 2012







For Between the Lines



"My main source of inspiration has been the needle skills of local women in France and Belgium and the poignancy of the messages on the silk embroidered cards sent home from the front." Delia speaking in 2014


It was with great sadness that we learnt of the death of our dear friend and EAST member, Delia Pusey on 13 June 2015.


“In so many ways Delia set the benchmark for us all - the highest of standards in everything she undertook. We will surely miss her lovely generous and positive spirit.”


“I will miss her a lot, have fond memories of her visits to Yvonne and lunches and play days that we three enjoyed on her visits.”


“So Sad - Delia was a wonderful friend - We joined EAST together but had known of each other before this - had work exhibited together in 1988. I will really miss her.”


“It was with great sadness that I opened the messages tonight and read the sad news about Delia. She was such a lovely, generous lady with so many talents and I know how much she will be missed by everyone who knew her.”


“Delia will be great loss to EAST.”


“A gentle, kind and exceptionally talented lady.”


"I was so sad to hear that Delia had died. What a courageous battle she had fought with such dignity and fortitude.


Delia showed me such patience and encouragement when I first joined EAST and continued to answer questions and give advise and help me to feel comfortable within the group. I looked forward to our monthly chats to the point where I felt honored to call her, friend.


Her talent was obvious to all but her modesty and strength of character was a hidden pearl which EAST will sadly miss."



In 2008, E.A.S.T members were asked about their influences, this is what Delia said she was inspired by -


  • Favourite artists - William Morris and the pre-Raphaelites – for their remarkable influence on design in general and textiles in particular and Jan Beaney – “whose work has influenced me most”.
  • Favourite piece of music - “The Magic Flute” – because “one of my sons sang the part of one of the three boys at Covent Garden.”
  • Favourite place - Sidmouth in Devon – because it holds many family memories.
  • Favourite books - Historical novels or stories about countries visited.
  • Favourite museum or gallery - British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum, London


She said she would have liked to

  • Have met Queen Elizabeth I, Monet and Mozart
  • Visit Russia, Japan, South America – any place with an ancient culture and rich in ethnic and textile history.


The piece of equipment she could not be without was

  • Her cordmaker and smocking machine

(Above) Delia (centre) with fellow EAST members Lorna and Julie

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