Carol Dixon


Carol Dixon was born in Ilford, Essex and has lived in various parts of the county for most of her life. Having learned most of the ‘domestic’ needlecrafts during childhood, she trained originally as a photographer. During the 1980’s she changed direction back to the textiles that had always been such a vital part of her family environment, attaining both parts 1 & 11 of City & Guilds Creative Embroidery with distinction.


During the mid 1980’s to 90’s her work whilst using common materials (in particular silk fabrics and metal threads), was on two very contrasting scales. She worked to commission, both for ecclesiastical and private clients with work to be seen in many Churches, including Altar frontals for both St. Mary and All Saints, Rivenhall and St. Peter’s in the Fields Braintree in Essex, and a full Festal set of Frontal, Stole, Pulpit Fall, Burse and Veil for St. Luke’s Grayshott in Surrey.


At the same time, she developed her own personal work, producing small ‘precious’ pieces, often taking for inspiration the rich colour and pattern of ‘ethnic’ textiles, alongside that of early church architecture. Her work has been exhibited by The Embroiderers’ Guild, nationally, regionally and locally, The Essex Crafts Society, and at ‘Embroidery at Ramster’. Also during this period she gave workshops on Metal Thread Embroidery and lectured on this and her approach to designing for ecclesiastical embroidery.


Carol has always had a love of both pattern and colour, and has recently been exploring the Shibori technique combined with indigo dye.


Shibori designs can be achieved by two different methods: to achieve resist in the cloth, or stitching and tying, the technique I have been using. The power of the stitch is the method by which the design is achieved.




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